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What is Writer's Blocks?

Writer’s Blocks is a shared story telling game that rotates between story tellers, focus characters, and locations where scenes can take place.  Designed to be a new twist on traditional table top role playing games, the Writer’s Blocks game can run an entire story session (including character creation) in an hour to an hour and a half. 

For those of us who want to get to the story, want a diverse option of settings, and want to play a game that doesn’t require just one person to be the story teller… Writer’s Blocks is for you.

Writer’s Blocks uses double 12 dominoes to determine core character traits, story settings, as well as the tempo and degree of success (or failure) players have as the story goes on. With the master system, additional worlds, and thousands of variants Writer’s Blocks is the game for getting to the heart of what table top gamers are looking for.
The story. 

The core Writer's Blocks books provides the setup instructions and story telling materials needed to run the following game settings:

Universal World
Rusted Springs & Faded Fluff
Heavy Metal Wolves at the Space Opera
Bullet-Filled Tumble-Weeds of the Wild West
I am not a Monster. Well, Literally I Guess I am.
A Pirate’s Life For Everybody
The Dysfunctional Adventuring Party

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