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What is the Chronos Universal LARP System?

CHRONOS is an elegant card-based game system. The cards allow for quickly made, easily customizable characters, and near real-time combat.

CHRONOS is a modular, highly flexible card-based system built to make theatrical combat almost as fast as contact-safe LARP combat and to transition effortlessly from Live Action to tabletop Narrative. Designed as a universal system, CHRONOS gives players and Game Organizers a super-fast mechanic for conflict resolution that keeps the drama and the action moving quickly. A simple card-matching mechanic ensures that characters are both fun and easy to build and play, and as characters progress they can expand their character deck to accommodate new items and abilities. 

With the CHRONOS system, every unique power and every skill set that a character has is represented by one of the many attractive cards, in a small hand of five to fifteen cards. These cards not only make conflict resolution tactical and fast paced, but also have the mechanics and rules for each power right on the card. This ensures that players do not need to look up power mechanics mid-combat to check how their powers work, and new gamers do not feel behind the curve in terminology and game mechanics. 

A game deck is all that is needed to play Live Action, and the cards are designed to be unobtrusive and to move action along quickly. Narrative play is much more like tabletop Roleplaying. It is used to run the events happening in the more fantastical worlds of the Aethers wherein anything can happen. And of course, characters can transition seamlessly between both modes. CHRONOS uses a fun, rules-light system to tie the mechanics of “Combat LARP” to the versatility of “Theatrical LARP.” Players and Game Organizers alike can mix and match cards from different sets and Skeins (complete genre worlds created just for CHRONOS) to create the world that they want to play in, and tell the stories that they want to tell. 

Chronos. The time is now.


How does Chronos Work?

Here's a sample challenge resolved with the CHRONOS Universal LARP System:

When a character is confronted with a challenge, they must assemble a three card character hand. Each Challenge Hand must consist of one grey, one blue, and one red card. You must keep in mind that certain cards may only be used in specific combinations.

In this scenario, the Attacker is challenging the Defender to a battle of wits, represented here by the stat Acumen. Each character assembles their best numbers into their Challenge Hand. The Attacker comes up with a 7, while the Defender manages an 8. The Defender is victorious!

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