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Welcome to the Valley of the Misery Machine.

The last first edition region book of the Dystopia Rising RPG series, focusing on the valley's east and west of the Misery Bay region. With sections focusing on the wastelands of the Northern Clime, Appaloosa Expanse, Misery Bay, Dominus Columbia, and points in between.

Valley of the Misery Machine goes into further detail on the Retrograde, Lascarian, and Semper Mort Strains as well as dives headlong into additional details from the Church of Darwin. With details that fill in much of the pre-fall mystery, notations from in world researchers, and a focus on post-apocalyptic archeology this book provides answers for many questions suggested through the Dystopia Rising universe.

This book is expansion materials for the Dystopia Rising RPG, and is not a standalone game.

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