The World May End Tomorrow, So Seize The Day And Play.



Tempus Omni is an indie game about the weirder side of time travel. Utilizing a strange and fun new bare-bones storytelling system, players can jump right into the action almost immediately and begin adventuring as "Migrators" strange men and women uprooted from all over history to randomly jump through the time stream and solve temporal paradoxes. Simultaneously smart, funny, and even a bit emotional, Tempus Omni isn't like any other tabletop you've ever played.

From Dinosaurs to Spaceships, From the Precambrian to the Pax Galactica, the full span of time and space is the domain of the Migrators- men and women plucked from the long history of humankind to repair an ailing time-stream. Lost and far from home, the Migrators endlessly follow “sequences” strange missions across the Aeons to maintain the base nature of time and reality itself.

Tempus Omni is an innovative new game that puts all of history in the player’s hands. Simple, intuitive, and fun, Tempus Omni is the perfect RPG for newcomers and experienced players alike.

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