The World May End Tomorrow, So Seize The Day And Play.


Interested in running your own Chronos game?
Excellent! Welcome!

What you need to do to start running your own game on the Chronos system:
Step 1: Have a great idea
Step 2: Buy the Chronos decks that you need
Step 3: Start running a game

Chronos has been put out to the public so that games can be run on it. You do not need to contact us before hand and there is no obligation to us. We invite you to run games using our system, and even produce your own custom cards for your game.

The full Chronos line can be found here:
Chronos Universal Larp System

We suggest you start here:
Chronos Storyteller Guide

This bundle has been created specifically to get you started running your own Chronos game, at 25% off the MSRP of each deck included:
Storyteller Bundle

Want to make your own Chronos cards? (for both game runners and players)
With this link you can create and print custom cards, as well as make the available to your players for order.
Chronos Custom Card Creator


We would love to hear about your game!
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