The World May End Tomorrow, So Seize The Day And Play.



Welcome to the year 2133. 

The world is what you make it

What if that were a literal truth, instead of just a nifty catch phrase for self-improvement courses?  You are one of the Erudite, one of the select few who can push the boundaries of reality.  Every day you are engaged in a secret war, in which the future evolution of mankind is defined by the decisions you make today 

Project: Paradigm is a cinematic action RPG which uses the Mass Action system to provide a shared story of perceived realities.  With each shift of reality, the Erudite risks causing echoes from potential futures bleeding into their own.  With each permanent change, the Erudite can forever alter the direction of the universe.  One part string theory, one part butterfly effect, and three parts snap decisions, Project: Paradigm is a gaming experience unlike any other.

Anyone can change the future.

It takes a select few to change every future.


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