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 If you are attending the Jersey City release party for Overgrowth of the Undying, you can actually pick up a copy of the book BEFORE the book even becomes available online for sale.

We will be selling a limited number of hard copies of the Overgrowth of the Undying book for the Dystopia Rising universe at the Zeppelin Beer Hall on December 2nd. We will also have copies of the new card game Dogtopia Rising: The Paws Apocalypse available for purchase as well. 

So come down to this all ages venue, get some food and drink, hang out with the writers & artists, and pick up your copy of the best Dystopia Rising game book to be released to date.

If you would like to purchase a copy to pick up at the event AT LESS THAN COVER COST, just order your copy for pickup below. By purchasing your copy at this event you will have the book in your hand days before it can be ordered online. These copies are for purchase and pickup at the event only. We will not ship purchased items or hold onto copies to be purchased at a later date. To take advantage of this lower cost and less expensive price, you MUST attend the Jersey City release party to pick up your order. 


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