The World May End Tomorrow, So Seize The Day And Play.


2016 is going to be a wild ride.

Hello all!

If you follow us regularly you know that we are really bad at updating our media page. With all the work that we put into producing (and honestly playing) games, we normally let the news and production page slip through the cracks.

But, today I am excited to tell you about some of our 2016 releases.

In just a couple of weeks the CHRONOS Universal LARP System gets a new core expansion. That expansion is the SILVER AGE: HORROR DECK. Want to add rules for players to become bizarre and warped monstrosities? New augment and core cards are available for just that. Add in professions like "Serial Killer" and "Cultist" and you will be able to add the dark nether regions to all of your CHRONOS games.

In addition we have two great Skeins coming out this year. Both Sleepy Hollow School of the Arcane and Devil Days will be released for the Chronos System this year.

Sleepy Hollow: School of the Arcane has been a fan favorite at conventions for years. Now not only will Sleepy Hollow have it's own book, but it's own world specific card deck. This includes new card components such as spell verbals and wand gestures for our magic using players. This deck is perfect for those people looking to enter into the dark humor filled school days of Sleepy Hollow, or run a campaign that takes place after the graduation. 

Devil Days has been a huge hit to our rockabilly loving, pompadour sculpting, poodle skirt wearing, and blood soaked malt shoppe attendees. The Devil Days universe will be released with both a book and its own custom Devil Days card deck this fall. While Devil Days has been given a little push back due to it's demonic content, we figured hell with it and decided to release it.

In addition we have Overgrowth of the Undying coming out as our 2016 expansion for the Dystopia Rising universe. Focusing on the wild, overgrown, and chaos filled territories of middle america we will be taking a close look at Rover culture, Remnants, and Natural Ones. We will be taking a sneak peak at the Nuclear Family faith, as well as diving headlong into some of the historic causes of the mutations and fall of mankind.

And that is not all we are releasing this year. Table Top standalone favorite Writer's Blocks will be available to the public so that players can finally use their dominoes to create shared storytelling experiences that take just about an hour from character creation all the way to story completion. Perfect for the story teller who is tired of never being able to play, and player groups who only have an hour or so to scratch their RPG itch.

So with that I look forward to seeing all of you enjoying what we have in store, plus, we have some other great announcements coming this summer that should just knock your socks off. 



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