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CHRONOS: Tell Us What You Really Think

You’ve heard about us rant about CHRONOS: Universal LARP System in the past. It’s streamlined. It’s fun. It will make any LARP experience better. But honestly, why should you take our word for it? After all, we created the card-based system, so aren’t we a bit biased?

Fortunately, we’re not the only ones that use CHRONOS (we’d be very sad if we were). Kristin Roach, a long-time gamer and LARPer, had a chance to test out the system for herself when she was at Dexcon this year. She played The American School of Magic, using her own CHRONOS deck in the game. And we’re happy to report that she loved the system.

“I was looking forward to this game so much,” admits Roach. “One, the subject and game setting drew me in and two, I was going to get the chance to play out the CHRONOS rule system. I had heard a lot of good things about it.”

The American School of Magic included crytograms for spells which you had to decode before you could learn them, magical beast areas, and an entire alchemy portion where you had to physically mix liquids.

“There were potions made of red liquids that when mixed, turned blue,” said Roach.

Yet this game would not have run nearly as smoothly as it did without CHRONOS. Roach says that despite there being about 35 people involved in the game, combat was smooth and fast and the learning curve was easy.

“I did not feel encumbered by a character sheet or keeping track of my things,” said Roach. “It is a system where you use three cards at a time—so lightweight and compact. You could easily make any type of character you wanted.”

Let it be known that we’re not the sort to only tell you about the positive things that Roach said about the system, though. She admitted that how small the numbers were on the cards made it a bit difficult to read. But all things considered, we think that’s pretty minor. In fact, Roach says that she plans to use CHRONOS every chance she gets.

“I was intimidated to try out a new system, and CHRONOS eased me right in,” she says. “Very smooth. I have heard nothing but positive things from all I know who have played it so far. CHRONOS  is a great game system.”

Have you used CHRONOS? We’d love to hear what you think about it. Give us feedback here—positive or negative. We’re always looking to improve.

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