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CHRONOS: A New Way to Play

If you haven’t already heard about CHRONOS, then it’s about time you did. The universal LARP system took Dexcon by storm this past weekend as players tried out the new system with games that ranged from Pacific Rim to the American School of Magic to Devil Days.

For those that don’t know what CHRONOS is, it’s essentially a card-based system that streamlines any LARP (you can actually see a demonstration video here). The beauty of the system is that you can use it to essentially resolve any massive conflict in a theater-style LARP within seconds, as opposed to hours.

“The time delay and duration of a single combat was actually one of the items that drove me away from theatrical LARP in the past,” explained Michael Pucci, one of the creators of CHRONOS and CEO of Eschaton Media. “Now being able to do quick conflict resolution for nearly any game is amazing.”

CHRONOS was first inspired by a game called ExArcana, which was first imagined by creators Sean Jaffe, Joshua Jaffe, Megan Jaffe and M.M. Volk. At the time, though, creating a card-based system for a single game wasn’t feasible. It was only after Eschaton Media was formed that the system and game received a revamp that made it viable to use in other games.

“After the product was brought to Eschaton Media, both Ashley and I pushed for the project to become more of a universal system with a modified design,” said Pucci. “At that point every member of the team had a direct involvement in the creation of this project. There was something like nine different variants on mechanical design, layout, system focus, and even scope and scale.” After sweat, blood and tears, CHRONOS was eventually born.

Now, Eschaton Media is taking CHRONOS to the next level. They’re planning on creating building block materials, including a game organizer set with a “how to run a game” guide and some genre specific decks. By the start of next year at the latest, they also plan to release their own IPs on the CHRONOS system. Already, other people are taking notice.

“By the time the convention was done, we had a number of game organizers talking to us about how they were going to swap their games over to the CHRONOS system,” said Pucci as he explained the reaction to the system at Dexcon.

CHRONOS will soon be available to the public. Get ready—because this system is liable to change the face of theatrical LARP for the better.

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