The World May End Tomorrow, So Seize The Day And Play.


The territories of the Lone Star and the Pridelands host the cultures of three unique tribes of people who all carry a great pride for their past, but do not have much hope for the future.  Near the Lone Star the ‘true’ Mericans calling themselves Texicans hold territories mounted from the back of Iron Horses.  In the Pridelands the Southern Mericans and Natural One tribes hold the communities of the southern Merican continent together.  Hidden away in the mountains the Unborn of Tēixiptla awaken from death and are born into a world of strange Full Dead and Semper Mort allies.


In the irradiates west players can pull on their cowboy boots, adjust their wide brimmed hats, and double check their water supplies before heading across the burning wasteland that is the new wild west. 

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