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Dystopia Rising Corebook

Dystopia Rising explores the grim realities of our potential future. A cruel, savage land is all that's left, punished by generations of radiation and crude survival after civilization collapsed in the wake of a zombie apocalypse. Still, even in amongst the ruins and squalor picking through the remains of rusted-out strip malls and decaying suburbs, there are survivors. 

Kit-bashed shelters and improvised scrap technology are the tools of these rugged individuals trying to find a way to live in these dark times. Each survivor must choose how to live in this lawless, uncivilized world. Will you fight as a paragon of humanity, rebelling against the dying light of civilization to build a better tomorrow, or will you succumb to the harsh cynical realities of the world and prey on those without the killer instinct to survive?

Dystopia Rising is a fast-paced roleplaying game designed for 3 to 8 players. This core rulebook provides all the of fundamental mechanics required for building characters and running adventures within the broken world. Dystopia Rising's combat system focuses on team tactics to survive against the hordes of NPCs found without this book and is designed to be quick to learn for novice gamers and veterans alike. A comprehensive world section also illuminates the wide variety of local regions, denizens, and adventures your survivor might find themselves facing. 

Surviving the apocalypse was the easy part. Can you survive the wasteland? Prove it!  This book uses the Mass Action system which combines playing cards with D10 dice pools to create a no initiative, team based, combat resolution system.

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Monoliths of Rust

"Monoliths of Rust" is the first expansion book for the post-apocalyptic game world of Dystopia Rising. This sourcebook provides a look at what has become of New York and Massachusetts after the fall and at the denizens that inhabit these ruined landscapes. Explore the flooded marshes of the Mass and the creaking metal skeletons of Old York alongside the rival Baywalkers and Yorkers that call these regions home. Delve into the religion known as the Sainthood of the Ashes and learn of their philosophies, cults, and temples across the wastes.

This book also includes advanced mechanics for aquatic combat, a new character race and backgrounds, and an armory of iconic equipment to add flavor to the fallen future.


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Pillars of Dead Light

"Pillars of Dead Light" is the second expansion book for the post-apocalyptic game world of Dystopia Rising. In the searing deserts of the Southwest, the survivors learned that there was something worse, far worse than the dead - the living. A rampant testament to capitalism gone wrong, the slave-state of Vegasia is an example of human greed and mistrust left to fester in the cruel desert sun. Backstabbers, slavers, and swindlers roam the streets, but worse by far are the ones in charge? For Vegas City has become a cesspool of evil, a breeding ground for the savage monsters known as the Final Knights. And on the the East Coast, the crucible of Sin known politely as Aysea is a microcosm of Vegasia's excess. But there is some hope, for the Knights do not control the badlands. Out in the ruined earth, the Dieseljock clans fight the Knights (and each other) from within their sacred rides, cobbled and kit bashed vehicles that are their souls and lifeblood. Among the slaves and the downtrodden, there is rebellion. Aysea and Vegasia are slow burning powder kegs of excess, and they're both set to explode.


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Echoes of Celluloid Dreams

Echoes of the Celluloid Dream includes further information on the last bastion of civilization in the Ruined Earth, the refined and genteel Purebloods! In addition, Echoes expands the great and surreal world of the Church of the Telling Vision, seekers of the Glorious Sponsor and His Most Perfect Voice, The Signal! All of this is couched in a location book about the City of Lost Angels, a shrouded and mysterious island in a place that was once known as California, a land reclaimed by the earth and sea.


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Embers of the Irradiated West

The territories of the Lone Star and the Pridelands host the cultures of three unique tribes of people who all carry a great pride for their past, but do not have much hope for the future.  Near the Lone Star the ‘true’ Mericans calling themselves Texicans hold territories mounted from the back of Iron Horses.  In the Pridelands the Southern Mericans and Natural One tribes hold the communities of the southern Merican continent together.  Hidden away in the mountains the Unborn of Tēixiptla awaken from death and are born into a world of strange Full Dead and Semper Mort allies.

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Axis of Blood and Iron

When the apocalypse roared in, it took the mettle of a desperate coalition to hold it back. Forged in the war against the undead, hammered by the demands of their own survivors, and wrought on the backs of a thousand thousand slaves, this axis is the largest bastion of what could still be called civilization left in the wastes. And while the fuel may be tainted with blood, the trains still run on time.

Welcome to the Ironworks, the industrial megalopolis which now rings the Great Lake. Trains and highways can speed you from the music and mechanical mayhem of Motor City, to the windy, deadly hub of Rail City to the bustling breadbasket of Mill City and beyond. Try not to notice the Iron slaves glowing with sullen discontent at every turn. In the mighty Ironworks, the zed are kept at bay, but the politics will kill quicker than a bullet.

Not all of the land the Lake touches belongs to the Ironworks, however. On the northern shore lies the land of the Reclaimers. This frozen land and her friendly people had their borders forced by the Merican mob, bringing the undead plague and ruin with them. Now, they wait and prepare for the day they can free their threatened land and captive people from the power of the Ironworks.

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Diaries of the Rum Coast 

They say the sea has the longest memory. That she holds all tales deep within her, hidden, secret and silent. The stories of the world before the Fall, torn away like pages from a diary.

That's a load of bull.

In this wasted world, even the water is an unquiet grave. And on the wide Rum Coast, she's spilled the Full Dead; genteel monsters who know all of the secrets of the World that was... if only they could remember them. On her heaving waves, she ferries the Salt Wise, those who tried to leave the diseased land behind, and almost succeeded. And on the broad and muddy Mighty Miss, she carries the voices of the Virtues of the Kings and Queen's Court, singing the dreams of a world gone, but not forgotten.




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Softcover and PDF

Softcover and PDF

COMING SOON: Scraps of the Rust Empire

Welcome to the empire of rust. A land that spans from the undead controlled oil fields in the far north through the remains of some of the greatest pre-fall cultural centers humanity ever lost. Focusing on details of Oilberta, the Pacific Providence, the Under-Sea, Bridge City, and the Lilac City there is a vast volume of information from large scale culture to more localized businesses. Inside you will find details about the last humans to fall, the Genjian, as well as the faith driven Nation of Accensor as well as the faithless Red Star.  Here in you will find details about the Cult of Fallow Hopes as well as a section outline many scientific ‘discoveries’ about the nature of the plague that ended humanity.


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Dystopia Rising LARP Survivor's Guide 2.0

For use with the Dystopia Rising LARP Network, the 2.0 Survivors Guide is an extensive rules resource that covers all of the legal for play Strains, Professions, Skills, and Mechanics needed to participate in any of the Dystopia Rising LARP Network games. In addition to what is required for in game enjoyment, you will also find details outlining positive community play, how to handling character bleed, tips for dealing with the more sensitive parts of live action role-playing, as well as a generalized description of the entire Dystopia Rising universe broken down by nations and regions.

This book is not intended as a stand alone rule-set, but instead is intended to be the guide that is used by our thousands of LARP participants across the globe.



Dystopia Rising LARP Survivor's Guide - No Longer In Print


The Rules that started it all, this is a handbook to the Dystopia Rising Live Action Role Playing Game. Inside you'll find all of the player strains, religions, skills and professions, as well as rules for contact-safe combat LARP and much much more, like the coveted "Advanced Professions" and world information. This rugged guide is a "must-have" for any Dystopia Rising player wrapped in a genre-appropriate in-game legal cover!

This book is no longer in print due to the release of the Dystopia Rising LARP Network 2.0 rule set.  

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