The World May End Tomorrow, So Seize The Day And Play.



“Through the ‘hold and in from port,
Lives the horde of angry sort.
With blade and fang, hook and claw,
Dripping blood from jagged maw.
Through the 'hold and in from port,
March the horde of The Goblyn Court.”

Welcome to the dark side of the Thresholds.

Untold millennia ago, there came the ancient gods. Creatures of concept and design, creation and inspiration, fear and mortality. Worshiped, whispered of, and obfuscated by time itself, they have existed in a realm outside of mortal spheres. Lords of the Aetherial, creatures of the elements, and bastions of the frozen planes, the Deives and the Laume have cared nothing for the realms of man.

Until greed urged those realms to take power from the gods.

The Deives and Laume both beheld the threat, as otherworldly creatures stole life and power from their homeland. They witnessed darkened and muttering forms appearing, sometimes for just moments, before fading and taking with them power from the realm. Hearty oaks withered, rivers of dreams ran dry, songs on the air fell silent, and soil turned sere with each appearance of these intangible invaders. The Deives and the Laume watched as their world was assaulted by these usurpers from other planes, killing their home one piece at a time and leaving nothing but shadow and hollow in their wake.

From the frozen halls of the Goblin Lords to the Wild Kin of the blackened forests; from the Shades of the Mines of Memory to the Echoless Mountains of the Giant Born, it is time to put the wars of day and night aside. A curse upon the mortal realm is howled on biting northern wind. We have called the Antlered One. Awakened are the old gods' machines of war. Now is the time for blooded blades, sharpened teeth, and the spirits of the wild. 

Now the Deives and Laume leave godhood behind to face those that defile their land. Now the Goblyn Kin embrace the mortal form to slaughter the interlopers. Now we follow the path to wherever the Thresholds go. This day, the mortal realms shall know fear, and the savage vengeance of the good folk scorned.

This day, the Wild Hunt is called.


The Dreamless  will be the third Skein for the CHRONOS system.


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