The World May End Tomorrow, So Seize The Day And Play.



There is a story told by the scarred ruins of civilization, pieced together by some survivors yet understood by only a few. Generations ago, an infection spawned and raged out of control, a wildly mutating disease capable of raising the dead and turning their insatiable hunger against the living. Governments turned their devastating weaponry against their own people, transforming suburbs into war zones and reducing cities to rusting skeletons of steel and broken glass. First the war was waged against the undead hordes, then it turned on fellow survivors as the world burned, society collapsed and stockpiles dwindled. The world drowned in blood while nuclear fires burned the atmosphere in a desperate effort to turn the tide and save the few remaining holdouts. The age of culture and plenty ended, heralding the true test of survival to come in this dystopian wasteland.

Dead Heroes is a trilogy set in the post-apocalyptic future of the Dystopia Rising game Universe.


Dead Heroes Book One: Runner

This is the story of Tribeca Verrazano Rockaway, a proud name of survivors of Old York. This is the her legend, a story that every sewer rat and iron climber in Old York know. Some of the legends say that she was a ruthless killer, but the legends should also say that she only ever did what she had to do.



Dead Heroes Book Two: Domino

Tribeca Rockaway was raised on the ruined rooftops of Old York, a blooded member of the Dead Heroes gang and a hardened killer even by that city's brutal standards. She took on a delivery run for the notorious Broadway Jack, only to find half the city hot on her tail, desperate to claim his mysterious package for themselves. 

It's time to ante up, and play the hand she's dealt. 

Dead Heroes Book Three: Knockout

 Tribeca Rockaway is a Yorker far from home, a sniper with the Dead Heroes gang whose simple runner job has spiraled into a desperate race against time to stop a devastating attack against the city she loves. From the rooftops of Old York to the back alleys of the Aysea they have run; now she must brave the forbidding wilderness of the Pine Barrens en route to a showdown in the war-torn Delphian Wastes. 

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