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What are the Skeins?

Complete game worlds and decks created exclusively for the CHRONOS system.

While Chronos is a universal system, it is hard work on a Game Organizer to devise a fully-realized world from scratch. To this end, we have created the Skeins. Skeins are comprehensive Chronos settings; they provide history, genre, and context for unique worlds within the Chronos universe. Skeins also come with their own book and cards, which may be used alongside existing Chronos cards, that provide a wide array of new mechanics, augments, and items to add flavor and substance to a game. Skeins may also be used with each other, to the Game Organizer's discretion.

Gilded Age Magic and Modern Steampunk Metascience

Over a century ago, there was a secret war, and an end to all magic.  Now the Century of Silence has passed, and the Thresholds are re-opening, spilling victorian magic, monsters, and mayhem back into a world that thought it had passed them by. Maybe you’re a recently-enlightened mystic, maybe you’ve spent the last hundred years sleeping and waiting for a chance to return. It’s a new dawn for the ancient arts; can you master the Æthers before they master you?

The ExArcana cards provide a wide variety of aether-slinging spells, supernatural races, and eldritch items. These are the tools and the talent you can use to tackle the penny dreadful creatures, oathbreaking magicians, and various other full roaming vapors that mean harm to the world.

Rockabilly Demons in the Golden Age of Rock n’ Roll

Welcome to the Devil Days, baby! It is 1959, and the streets and soda shoppes throng with the Damned. In a lawless street racer culture inspired by 1950’s era of music and street pop culture, you play a cool cat or kitten who also happens to be a demon amidst unaware squares, walking a razor’s edge of souls and rebellion where one false move can send you tumbling down.

Using Devils Days cards, you will find Infernal Houses to influence your hep cat's devilish style and hellish agenda. Then, for when you need to back up your words with a little hellfire, the powerful Demonic Investments will be at your fingertips.



Welcome to the amazing, but deadly, school of Sleepy Hollow!

In a world filled with dangerous creatures, countless supernatural threats, and a world ignorant to the existence of magic comes the worlds best chance for survival: college kids. Taking place in the magical world of Sleepy Hollow, you will either be an active student in the dangerous and amazing school of Sleepy Hollow or one of the 2% of students that survive long enough to deal with real threats in the world. 

Based on american folklore, world wide hauntings, and magic themed to follow american forms of quick draw dueling the world of Sleepy Hollow is filled with dark humor and countless unnecessary dangers. 

Goblyns and Fae Fight to Preserve Their Homeworld From Cataclysm

Imagine a world once as lush and green as our own, now bleached and lifeless, drained of magic and spirit. In the aftermath of an ancient war between the dread Goblyn court and the high Elven court, magic has begun to bleed from the lands of Avalon. The savage Goblyn Court has decided not to go quietly into the death of their realm and they’re doing what they do best- they’re marching to war.

In the realm of the Dreamless, the cards will identify you as ancient fae or brutal goblyn. To fight the death of the world, you will choose from elven magics, war-chants, and goblyn weaponry to power your fight.

Mobsters, Molls and the Machine Age Cash With Ancient Totem Spirits

The 1920s never stopped roaring in the city of New Dorado, a southwestern metropolis stopped short of its Golden Age by the Rampage, a mystical breakthrough with the city as its point of origin. Now, the people of New Dorado walk among ancient animal spirits and struggle to make sense of their new lives as they struggle for dominance in what has become a truly Wild City. Brought to you by Shoshana Kessock and Josh Harrison.

In the urban jungle of New Dorado, you will be able to use stilettos and shape shifting abilities, tommy guns and totemic powers. And when the chips fall and the lead flies, you can use the deck to shape shift into your chosen animal spirit.

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