The World May End Tomorrow, So Seize The Day And Play.



Ten years ago Michael Daghlian was mysteriously cured of his bloodlust along with the rest of the world's vampires. Now he's falling apart, trapped in a dead-end government job, a broken marriage, and the ever-looming shadow of his new-found mortality. Faced withe the harsh realities of mortal life, he clings to a truth he's not sure he still believes...

We weren't gods. We were vampires.

Around ten years ago, Michael Cage ceased to be undead after a long, bloody century. He and every other Vampire were miraculously cured of their condition at the turn of the new millennium and have spent the last decade re-acclimating to life among the rest of us. But now things are falling apart, and Michael’s ideal human life my be slipping away from him. His job is to help others like him find their way in human society, but a seemingly random murder is threatening the delicate balance between humanity and the so-called “post-blooded.” Is there hope for the redeemed? Or is damnation truly forever?

A few days ago, Michael Cage had an ordinary life. A wife, a job, a house, a dog. But for a "post-blooded" former vampire, nothing could be more extraordinary. Now, however, thanks to a random murder and a tuna sandwich, his ordinary extraordinary life is falling away. Can he stop it? Does he even want to? He spent his entire unlife fighting for this future, but the past isn't done with him yet.

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