The World May End Tomorrow, So Seize The Day And Play.


Why 'Eschaton Media'?

Eschaton: Noun

End of the world, end of time, the climax of history

Throughout all of history, we have been obsessed with our own destruction. How will it arrive? What will it portend? And what comes after? This study is known as eschatology, and it covers everything from biblical revelation to massive meteor strikes to the seemingly-inevitable rise of zombie supremacy.

The endless cycle of endings and beginnings is the rich, fertile ground from which countless epic stories are grown. As the last word in IP design, Eschaton brings that sense of scope to everything we do. We know that the future of storytelling is interactive, and to that end we have created multiple properties that lend themselves to the new style of transmedia entertainment. 

We are storytellers and game designers in equal measure. We create our systems for maximum interactive potential, and no two people playing an Eschaton game will experience the exact same story. They will, however share an unforgettable experience and a sense of community that has lasting impact.


Eschaton. Because in the end, everything is epic.


Eschaton Media is a company that provides multimedia publishing of books, magazines, journals, software, games, music and electronic publications.


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